The 11 Coolest New Cruise Ships in the World

There was a time when “cruising” meant standing in the buffet line and playing trivia with a bunch of olds. And while that might still be a lot of people’s idea of a perfect vacation, the industry has evolved. Cruises are actually, dare we say it, kind of cool now. If you haven’t been on a cruise liner in the past few years, you should — you’ve got many, many more options than you probably realized. Gone are the days when ice sculptures and blackjack tables were considered cutting-edge draws. Today, every new floating city that launches raises the bar in terms of size, amenities, and crazy onboard activities (think: skydiving, “snow” rooms, and waterslides). Which is why we thought it’d be fun to take a closer look at some of the coolest new ships currently on the water, plus one that’ll hit the high seas later this year.