10 of the world’s best cruise holidays

1 Greenland’s fjords
Several great cruises have started recently, touring the fjords and ice floes of Greenland with all the wildlife that can involve: polar bears, narwhals and walruses. Prices can be steep, however, and remember that a visit from a big ship can easily swamp a typical village: average population 200. More in the spirit of Nansen and Tilman is to sail into those fjords, the boat dwarfed by icebergs. Discover the World (seven nights from £2,259pp) takes its schooner into Scoresby Sound, an old haunt of the Whitby whalers, visiting the most northerly east-coast settlement. Access Arctic’s 15-metre steel ketch is sailed by an oceanographer couple doing similarly adventurous voyages to places no others reach (10 nights from €2,500pp).
Source: theguardian.com